Monday, March 13, 2006

Bud Selig

I don't believe I have honored Bud to date with this award, and that's pretty surprising given his track record. But he finally cracked the Damn Fool list this week, by virtue of a couple of his pet projects.

First, we had the revelations about Barry Bonds, including the little tidbit that Bud met with Barry in 2004 to get his assurances that no embarrassing steroid information would pop up. Um, I'm going to guess that Barry didn't exactly give Bud the straight poop. I'd say I was surprised that Bud bought it, but we are talking about Bud Selig here.

Then, courtesy of the World Baseball Classic, we had a pair of snafus. First came the decision not to televise live what is quickly becoming a set of really interesting, exciting games due to conflicts with college basketball. We told you March was a bad time to play this, Bud.

Next came the embarrassing blown call in the USA-Japan game yesterday, leading some to speculate that the sub-par umpiring crews were chosen in order to fix the games.

All in all, a pretty crappy week for Allan H. "Bud" Selig, though it did net him the Damn Fool award. It was long overdue.

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Geoffrey Feldman said...

I think Selig should have resigned when the steroids mess his the fan. Two of baseballs biggest "black eys" happened on his watch, the strike that cancelled the World Series and the steroid scandal.