Sunday, March 26, 2006

Barry Bonds

Allow me to offer you some friendly advice, Barry. The next time you face a situation where your reputation has been smeared, either shut your mouth if the allegations are true, or sue for libel if the allegations are false.

Please don't try another half-way approach like your lawyers pulled this week against the authors of the recent book that claims you took truckloads of steroids. Your crack legal team somehow convinced you that it would make sense to sue those guys on the grounds that much of their evidence came from sealed grand jury testimony, making it a crime for them to possess it. They didn't dispute that the evidence was correct, just how the authors obtained it.

Bad, bad move. Now, everyone is convinced that you didn't sue for libel because the truth is an absolute defense for those authors. And they're now also saying that you tried to kill the book on a technicality, smearing your reputation even further. And, oh by the way, your lawyers' motion was turned down anyway.

Get some new lawyers, Barry. And this time make sure they understand public relations.

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